ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute

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Shelterbelt plantation in arid region

Shelterbelt plantation in arid region

Tree and grass plantation in rocky wasteland

Improved pastures and perennial legumes for arid region

Improved Pomegranate varieties

Improved agri-horticulture agri-silviculture, horti-pasture and silvi-pasture system for arid region for arid region

Improved varieties of pearl millet, Gaur, Moth and Kulthi

Improved Tanka(cistern) and Nadi(pond) for rain water harvesting in arid region

Contour vegetation barriers in arid region

Rehabilitation of gypsum and limestone mine wastelands

Drip Irrigation for vegetables and fruit crops in arid region

Rodent Control

Solar energy gadgets

Gum production from Accaia senegal trees

Control of soil-borne plant pathogens in arid region

Organic Production System for High Value Crops

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