ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

Machines/Tools developed

Aloe Vera Gel (Fillet) Extractor : A mechanical unit for extracting aloe-vera gel (fillet) developed, which crushes 60 - 80 kg fresh leaves per hr.

Animal Feed Block Making Machine : About 40 feed blocks per hour can be prepared with this unit. Different feed ingredients are metered individually in the pre-decided proportion and mixed to make the feed block (a product for patenting).

Solar Tracker : An automatic light sensing solar tracking device that enhances harnessing of solar energy by 25%. Besides it tracks the solar energy gadget continuously throughout the day and returns automatically the next morning.

Weeding Tool : Modified traditional “kassi”, commonly used weeding tool in the region. Besides reducing human drudgery it reduces the pull requirement from 8.5 kgf to 5.5 kgf, especially suitable for women folk. The field capacity is 180 – 200 m2/hr.

Aonla Pricker : An aonla pricker has been designed and developed, which can prick about 7-8 kg aonla/hr against about 1.5 kg/hr with a fork.

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