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Products from Citrullus colocynthis (Tumba)
Preserve : A source of desserts.
Candy : Use in confectionary and desserts..
Pickle : Acts as laxative, supplies proteins, protective minerals and vitamins.
Roasted seeds : Mouth freshener, reduces apocrine foul smell originating from armpit.
Churan :
Appetizer, reduces acidity and constipation.
Seed cake : Good source of feed for milch animals. Also, a source of mineral nutrients for crop plants.

Products from Salvadora oleoides (Meetha Jaal)
Peelu Squash : Made from fruits, soothing during hot summer and minimizes the risk of heat stroke.
Peelu Jam : Consumed as table dish
Dehydrated Peelu :

Products from Khara-lana (Haloxylon recurvum)
Saji : Used in papad industries.
Choa : Used in papad industries.

Products from Aloe vera
Aloe Cold Cream : Highly effective for cracked feet, dry/ dehydrated skin, moisturizes and softens the skin.
Aloe Moisturizer : Suitable for normal and oily skins, removes black spots from skin formed due to cold.
Aloe Gel : This is a moisturizer, suitable for summer, regular use may improve skin and hair condition.
Aloe Candy : Edible product, natural attributes are retained, Aloe vera polysaccharides (AVPS) is present in concentrated form.
Aloe Jelly : Edible product, natural attributes are retained, AVPS is intact.
Aloe Pickle : Natural attributes are retained, AVPS is intact.

Products from horticultural plants

Aonla Preserve and Candy : Sugar impregnated Aonla fruits in syrup (preserve) or without sugar syrup (candy) can be stored at ambient conditions.
Squash: Blended fruit juice squash prepared from Ber, Pomegranate, Aonla, and Karonda juice.
Dehydrated Products : From Ber, Pomegranate, Aonla, Gonda and kachri fruits.

Products of Goat Milk
Paneer : Soft, compact and free from goat odour. Recovery 10-12%.
Kulfee : Nutritionally rich product, no goaty odour.
Whey Drink : Health drink, nutritionally superior for minerals, essential vitamins and high protein.


Supplementary Feed Block (UMM Blocks) : Concentrated source of energy, protein and minerals fulfilling area specific nutrient needs of animals. Alleviate nutrient deficiencies and optimize production.
Complete Feed Blocks : Proportioned mixture of locally available fodder and concentrates to meet total nutritional needs of animals. Economical feed that is useful in drought affected areas.
Kisan Sakha 1 : Talc based entomo-pathogenic formulation of Metarrhizium anisopliae adapted to warm ambience. Effective against soil borne pests like termites, white grubs and Khejri root grub.
Maru Sena : Effective against soil borne plant pathogens. Isolated from local strains of Trichoderma harzianum (Maru Sena 1), Aspergillus versicolor (Maru Sena 2) and Bacillus firmus (Maru Sena 3).
Neem Pellets : Prepared from depulped whole neem seeds and eucalyptus oil. Protect the Kharif legumes from soil borne pests especially termites, rodents and also provide nutrients.
New Method for Extraction of Aloins: The overall yield of extracted aloins by a newly developed method (to be patented) is >70% and purity of product is >95% (better than those obtained under an US patent, 2003).

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