ENVIS Centre on 'Desertification' was established by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, New Delhi, at Dr. Raheja Library, CAZRI, Jodhpur on 4th November 1991 taking into consideration the diversified Climatic, biotic, geomorphological and desertic environmental conditions of the region. Low and erratic precipitation, frequent droughts, intense radiation, occurrence of frost, dust storms, poor soil conditions, limited water for human, livestock and irrigation, soil erosion and low plant productivity drew the attention of the environmental authorities to establish an ENVIS centre at CAZRI with the following objectives:


  1. To buildup a good collection of books, reports, journals, monographs and research papers on Desertification.
  2. To establish linkage with all information agencies concerning to desertification within and outside the country.
  3. To entertain users' queries specially from the policy makers and planners, scientiests and researchers from within and outside the country.
  4. To establish a 'Desert Data Bank' for the quick dissemination of information.
  5. To co-ordinate with the focal-point i.e. Ministry and other ENVIS centres established in the country.
  6. To help the ministry in building up a inventory of information material available at this centre for onward transmission to INFOTERA.
  7. To identify the data-gaps on the subject are a specified for this centre and to initiate necessary steps to fillup these gaps.
  8. To bring out a quarterly newsletter and related publications to disseminate information among interested persons/organizations and agencies.
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